TEXAS VORTEX STORM CHASE TEAM (TVSCT) was established in 2013 with four members. The President/Founder Tommie W. Carter Jr. Started the team in Kerrville Texas to help warn and to help save lives. In 2015 Tommie met a TV Meteorologist Albert Flores and TVSCT skyrocketed to what it is today. With Tommie and his team of Marketing, Storm Chasers, Public Relations, Operations Managers, and Regional Managers the full team of TVSCT grew to over 30 Chasers in The State of Texas alone and operate in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida not only in the USA but as well across the world as the team moves to be one of the largest in the world and the main ambition to Help Save Lives. By warning people of dangerous and critical weather across the world by studying patterns and forecasts. Some of the biggest weather events in the USA TVSCT has help many escape and or get to shelter before the storm hit. Tommie W. Carter Jr. has always loved storms since he was young. He was fascinated with twisting winds as a child and for the love science. In 1999 Tommie’s first hurricane was Hurricane Brett as he watched the eye come over his house in Laredo Texas. The fascination of the rotation of the clouds, wind and flooding it caused made Tommie realize that he wanted to help save lives. Years went by 15+ tropical storms and 20 hurricanes later a friend wanted Tommie to chase tornadoes with him. In the past 13 years Tommie has chased several hundreds of EF0 to EF5 ranging from a stove pipe tornado to twin and triplets from mesocyclonic mother tornadoes spitting out multi Vortices. https://www.facebook.com/TexasVortexStormChaseTeam/

Texas Vortex is getting ready for the 2020 season!

TEXAS — Texas Vortex Storm Chase Team has expanded and has 30 chasers in the state of Texas, which makes TVSCT the largest team in the state. We have also established ourselves in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri and have plans to expand to Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and Illinois in the coming year. If you […]